Unique Garage Loft Plans

garage plans with loft 06There is nothing wrong about being different if it still fulfills the essential requirements and you are satisfied with the result. We are now talking about some unique garage plans which are a bit unusual in shapes, especially the exterior look which can definitely drags people’s eyes on your garage once they pass in front of it. However, if you are thinking about building such a unique garage, then you should go to the right place to get the best service and inspiration of how you are going to do your plan.

Before picking up which one is going to be yours, you might also want to consider having some rummy garage plans with loft in your list. Garage with loft is one type of garage plans which enables you to maximize the whole building to add some extra storage space at the loft. Therefore, if you prefer a garage with loft, you are going to have a 2-storey garage which the second floor works as the loft. Some great options are like a 1-car garage with an extra space at the main level to function as your storage space for lawn mowers or anything you often use with your outdoor activities. The second floor is absolutely the loft which width is smaller than the main level.

However, if you own more cars, you may get another more spacious garage plans with loft which design resembles a barn. The exterior is pretty great to look. Instead of the traditional barn to keep farming tools, this one is to keep your cars and other stuff. This design is also perfect if you have a country home design which looks a bit homey. This garage plan can even be expanded, following your needs. If you have more cars, than you can have it larger. Staircase could possibly inside or outside of the building, which is up to you to choose.