Top Products as the Best Epilators

epilator 06To control hair growth, women use several methods and tools. Epilator is one of them. On market, you will find ton of products with attractive features, designs, and functions. Actually, simple epilator is enough to cut the hair on armpit and leg. Some sellers add additional package such as cream, epilator head, and moisturizer. For beginner, it is better to pick the popular and top selling tools on store. Two epilators might come in similar function, but not for durability and longevity. This tool uses electricity as power source.

First thing that you need to know before picking this tool is about safety system. Some epilators incorporate rechargeable battery to replace electric source. In the best epilators, you will get two products which become the recommended tools for women. Philips Satinelle is excellent epilator to create smooth and soft skin. It cuts hair directly from skin and prevent you to do it again for next four weeks. You can use it in many body parts. Smart contour detects skin surface and body figure to avoid hard pressure. This epilator is like shaver with precise head. Philips Satinelle consists of two modes of speed. You can start at one stage if the hair is thin and change it to be faster for little long hair. Its handling is ergonomic to create ninety-degree position toward the skin. Moreover, the head is washable, so it is easy to clean after you are done.

Another product is Silk-├ępil 5 5-280 from Braun. As you know, Braun is the prolific and prominent manufacturer in this field. Many products become the bestselling as the high quality variants. For this epilator, it gives four times shorter than competitor for waxing. Smartlight leads you to find the tight area and cut the hair effectively. It uses rechargeable battery and it can be charged again using electrical cord. If you need to shave, just change the head into shaver mode. This product is definitely not only for women, but also for men who want to get clean result at their skin.